Thursday, November 20, 2014

he loves me not, He loves me

“You’re fat. And ugly.
You’re worthless. No one will ever love you.
No one ever has loved you.
The best years of your life are over...
You’ll be miserable and die alone. Lonely.
Your life makes no difference,
And your death won’t either.”
As Satan pauses to take a breath,
That still small voice speaks up,
Caressing me with its gentleness and affection.
A whisper that roars over the vulgar rantings of the evil one...
“My child, you are beautiful,
For I knit you together - In my image.
You are beautiful inside and out.
You are worth more than anything on this earth.
You were worth the life of my son, my only son.
He loves you. I love you.
Before you even existed – we loved you.
The best is yet to come; when you stand before me
And feel my love envelope you, filling every void you have ever felt.
Your last breath on earth will be followed
By your first breath with me!  
And only then will you see just how important
Your life was, as you tried to serve me.
Only then will you know the role you played
In the eternal lives of those you knew and loved
And in the lives of people you didn’t even know.
Where you lacked, I was there to fill in the gap.
My child, you were chosen. You were pursued.
Don’t ever believe otherwise,
For it cheapens the amazing gift I gave you.
I know you inside and out.
I see you when you are in pain, struggling to believe.
Struggling to maintain your faith, unsure if you even have any.
That struggle does not make me love you any less.
Even when you have turned your back on me,
I’ve never loved you less.
I have always and will always be by your side.
Do not listen to the voice of the accuser.
Do not let him cause you to doubt what I have promised.
Rest in me, my love. And trust me.
I have never failed you,
And I never will.