Thursday, June 2, 2011

Silencing Martha?

I was Facebook surfing the other day (if it's not a recognized activity yet, it will be. Just as Google is now a verb. Mark my words!) and I came across a woman's profile in which she chose to extol her flaws rather than her good points. She mentioned that she is hypocritical, judgemental, short tempered, etc. Talk about brutal honesty. Most of us try to hide behind our good characteristics, but is that who we really are? Or are we more often critical, temperamental, and just difficult to be around? I know that if my good characteristics were weighed against my bad, I would never want anyone to see those scales. We hide behind the pretty words because we fear if people knew the real us, they wouldn't want to be around us anymore. Instead of hiding from what we are, what if we confront it head on and change it? I know that it's not easy, and it will be a one day at a time, or even one moment at a time thing, but perhaps we can silence our inner critic and judge, and instead see people as Jesus sees them. My prayer is that Jesus will take my inner Martha and change her into a Mary, or better yet- a Jeannie that loves as He loves and sees as He sees. It's just one of the changes this broken mess of a girl needs to go through.

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